April 15, 2022





MACD office 414-645-3256 / e-mail: macddarts@gmail.com / website: www.macdleagues.com

Hours are Mon-Fri / 8:30 am – 5 pm. – Karen or Ralph



Your banquet is Thursday, MAY 5, 2022 at Tanner-Paull Hall / Kane’s Pub & Grill – 6922 West Orchard St, West Allis.  Extra parking is available in the Pick n Save parking lot at the WEST end of the lot.  Beer/Soda starts at 5:30 pm / Dinner at 6:30 pm.  Awards Ceremony & Luck of the Draw Dart tournament to follow.

MACD DART TOURNAMENT – April 1, 2 & 3, 2022

Results are on CompuSport.us/Tournaments/MACD City Dart Tournament 2022


WAMO WI STATE DART TOURNAMENT - May 18 – 22, 2022 - Wisconsin Center, Chula Vista Resort WI DELLS



 Chumley’s Pub – Geoff – 414-416-1115

 Fox’s Pub – Adam – 262-993-3948

 Pony’s – Rey – 262-899-0445

 Red, White & Brews 1 – Angie – 414-517-8649

 Red, White & Brews 2 – Amanda – 262-939-5886

 Stallis Palace 1 – Robert – 414-861-9476

 Stallis Palace 2 – Pat – 414-335-0003

 The Network – Al – 414-313-0096

There will be a Sponsor plaque and individual trophies (4 per team) for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place.  If you want extras or do not want individual trophies you will be credited appropriately on your prize check at the end of the season.  There also will be a trophy for the HIGH AVERAGE shooter of the league.

*         All players that have shot 3 or more weeks must fill out a sanction card and pay a sanction fee of $11.00. Failure to do so will result in a fine at the end of the season.   This fee includes both the WAMO State ($12/team) and NDA ($8/player) sanction fees.  It is a 'once-a-year fee and is due the night you shoot you 1st match.  If you paid your sanction fee with another league (Reds, Sam’s, etc.) please inform our office as to which league, night and team.  If the fee is not paid by the end of season you will be penalized via your prize check.  DO NOT insert this fee into the dartboards. (There is NO sanction fee due in the Spring/Summer league season).

*          If the NDA fees are not paid by the end of the season they will be taken out of your prize checks with an added $1 fine.

The column next to your name on the standings will show Y = Yes (if paid) / N = No (if not paid).

HANDICAPPING (see below). New players can use their PPD from last year (there is a list on the website “FALL 21 Player PPD LIST).  If the player is not listed they use 25.00 PPD.


Spot Points is a percentage based handicap method using a player’s Points per Dart (PPD).  In each match players are compared to the highest PPD in the game to determine their starting score.  Note: The Arachnid League System calculates these values automatically (see below).  The best player will always start at the highest X01 score.  The rest of the players could have anywhere from the minimum starting score to equal with the highest player. 

This is the only handicapping and ALL PLAYERS ARE “OPEN” OUT.

New player PPD: A list of players’ PPD from the previous year is provided on the website.  Please refer to this list when bringing in ANY player that has not shot for this particular team and season.  New players added will use their previous season’s PPD.  If this new player is not on this list, he/she will use a 25.00 PPD.  When entering the new player’s name in match set-up, you will have to enter the correct PPD manually (Hit the UP arrow on the dartboard, and then enter the PPD rounding it to the nearest tenth {ex. 23.27 would be entered as 23.30}).  You can also contact the league office at least 24 hours in advance of the match to have your subs name and PPD entered.

FREEZE RULE BUST - All league dart boards are set to automatically give the correct team the win when the freeze rule has been broken.  The dartboard will display “FREEZE RULE BROKEN”.  If someone takes out a game that was frozen and this is not displayed, please inform the office as soon as possible.   Make sure to inform the office which set of games it happened in – “301” or “501” so we can properly look into it. 

Not all boards will let you know if you are frozen (actually should be turned off) so make sure you and your team pays attention (pages 7 & 8 of Rule Book).