September 28, 2022






MACD office 414-645-3256 / e-mail: / website:

Hours are Mon-Fri / 8:30 am – 5 pm. – Karen or Ralph



How much do we pay each week?

Each team pays a $20 fee + the cost of the games (Should be $19.50 per team) for a Total of $39.50 per team

The dart boards will NOT tell you when you are FROZEN

If you are entering names, enter FIRST & LAST name only.  NO NICKNAMES ARE TO BE ENTERED ON THE BOARD!  If you want nicknames you must inform the office (call, email, message, etc.) and I will enter them for you.  Nicknames are limited to up to 7 letters long.  Nicknames only appear while playing and will not be on the standings so I am providing a “Team Roster w/Nickname” so you can verify which player is which.


 Just a reminder!  You can enter a player’s PPD & MPR from last year.  See the FALL 2022 player PPD list on the website.  If and only if your new player is not on this list, they come in at 25.00 PPD / 2.5 MPR, but, can OPEN OUT their 1st week shooting for MACD.

The price of your sanction fees have gone up.  It is now $15 per player.  This fee is a once-a-year fee and will be taken out of your prize check at the end of the season.

There will be a Sponsor plaque and individual trophies (4 per team) for 1st, 2nd , 3rd & 4th place.  If you want extras or do not want individual trophies you will be credited appropriately on your prize check at the end of the season.  There also will be a trophy for the HIGH AVERAGE shooter of the league.

Captain Info:

 Circle B – Steve – 262-375-2986

 Grand Ave 1 – Jeff – 262-573-4325

 Grand Ave 2 – Austin – 920-980-0023

 Harbor Hills – Jen – 262-483-1536

 So What if We Are – Rebecca – 262-416-2201

 Harbor Hills 3 – Tom  – 414-940-4732

 Rascals – Todd – 262-227-4991

 Schooner Pub 1 – Brandon – 262-305-8402

 Schooner Pub 2 – Sean – 262-510-4388

 Singing Salmon – Daryl – 414-759-7981

 Sir James 1 – Mick – 262-893-3718

 Sir James 2 – Lindzy – 262-483-7652

 The Bridge – Mitch – 414-234-8848

 The Hutch – Matt – 414-232-4523

*         All players that have shot 3 or more weeks must pay a sanction fee of $15.00. Failure to do so will result in a fine at the end of the season.   This fee includes both the WAMO State ($5/player) and NDA ($10/player) sanction fees.  It is a 'once-a-year fee and is due the night you shoot you 1st match.  If you paid your NDA sanction fee with another league (Reds, Sam’s, etc.) please inform our office as to which league, night and team.    DO NOT insert this fee into the dartboards. (There is NO sanction fee due in the Spring/Summer league season).

*          If the NDA fees are not paid by the end of the season they will be taken out of your prize.

The column next to your name on the standings will show Y = Yes (if paid) / N = No (if not paid).

HANDICAPPING (see below). New players can use their PPD/MPR from last year (there is a list on the website “FALL 19 Player PPD LIST).  If the player is not listed they use 25.00 PPD / 2.5 MPR (this is only for their 1st week).



“301” Minimum starting score is 301 and Maximum starting score is 346.

“501” Minimum starting score is 501 and Maximum starting score is 576.

In addition to this, all players with a PPD of 23.00 or higher will MASTER OUT (Double, Triple or Bulls eye on winning dart)

This is NOT programmed in the dart boards.  Please be aware!



MACD DART TOURNAMENT – Friday March 31, Saturday April 1 & Sunday April 2, 2023

New Berlin Ale House – 16000 W Cleveland Ave, New Berlin WI

Open to all MACD sanctioned league players with at least 7 weeks of league play by the entry deadline




May 17 – 21, 2023, La Crosse Center, La Crosse WI

·         Players must have their 60 game requirements by the entry deadline (date to be determined)

·         CRICKET is a 2 player event and the players must come from the SAME LEAGUE SYSTEM (MACD is a league system).  Each player must also have at least 24 games of Cricket played by the entry deadline.

·         DOUBLES teams’ players must also now come from the SAME LEAGUE SYSTEM.

·         Go to

·         For more info on lodging

NDA TEAM DART 2022 – May 4 – 10, 2023 – Westgate Las Vegas

Open to all MACD sanctioned league players Have played a minimum of 96 league games between April 1st, 2022- February 3rd, 2023. Qualifying games must be obtained in no less than eight (8) separate weeks of league play. [League games can consist of ‘01 and/or Cricket with a minimum of 24 games in the form at the player is entering (‘01 or Cricket)]

Doubles & Team event players must be from the SAME league system (ex: MACD) and SAME NDA qualifying Operator (Op. owns the dart board you play on)